Why own an AR-15?

Because they’re awesome for everything from kicking terrorist ass to home defense to hunting hogs and deer.

Are we really still needing to have this conversation? I can’t believe it but there are still gun owners out there who don’t own an AR-15. It’s not baffling just because we sell fine freedom seeds chambered for the most popular AR-15 rifles, but because it’s an American staple for gun owners across the free world.

If you own guns and are pro-2A without restriction you should have at least one of America’s Rifles in your collection. Here are a few reasons why:

Zombies —

Everyone knows that the zombie apocalypse, or whatever form of the apocalypse you’re getting ready for, is nearly upon us. I mean, as of right now, we’ve got thousands of illegal immigrating people marching toward the US border, Democrats rigging elections in Texas of all places, and a country filled with idiots who do stupid stuff.

Zombies. For real. They’re already everywhere and they suck the life out of us hard-working folk just barely squeaking by. It’s going to get worse, and when it does, you’ll be glad you had an AR-15 to plug some sorry asses full of lead.

And for some reason I find myself needing to tell you that this isn’t based on some TV show about zombies. I stopped watching those a couple years ago.

Plentiful parts —

Still working off the previous assumption that people are idiots and the end is near, you’ll need a gun for which there will actually be parts available. The AR-15, being America’s Rifle, is the most popular long gun in the country with multiple manufacturers putting these sexy adult puzzles together with parts that are actually interchangeable–most of the time.


What this means, is that you can take an upper from Aero Precision and stick it on a lower from Springfield and a barrel from FN and have a fully functioning rifle … for the most part. I mean, nothing is perfect but you get the idea.

Why is this important?

Because when stupidity reaches the tipping point, the guns’ll get worn down and need new parts, you silly goose. Why else?

Ammo —

This is my favorite one because, well, we sell AR-15 ammo. We don’t just sell ammunition, but the finest freedom seeds you’ll ever have the pleasure of sticking in your guns. But, that’s enough of a shameless plug for now.

Why is the ammo important? First, because it’s heavily available. .223 and 5.56 NATO is out there in large quantities from countless different manufacturers.

This means that when the time comes and the dumb-dumbs get even dumber, we’ll be able to defend ourselves in large quantity.

Easy Operation —

If Marines can operate one, so can you (remember, we are Marines). Not only do Marines operate this type of rifle, only as its military counterpart, we slay bodies around the earth with them. Recoil is minimal by design, they’re accurate out to distances, and are smaller for easier maneuverability.

Really, what else could you ask for?

Customization —

The AR-15 has long been called the Lego of the gun world. Reason being, the amount of customization one can do with an AR-15 is uncanny. Aftermarket handguards, sights, triggers, grips, buttstocks, barrels, optics, and anything else your heart fancies can be had for your AR-15 in your budget. It’s that simple, really. And, even better, you don’t need an engineering degree to work on them.

Again, if us crayon-eating Marines can do it, so can you.

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