Privacy Policy

How We Value Your Information

You are very important to us, and so is keeping your details private. Your information will never be used in any way that you’d deem inappropriate. We promise to never sell your contact info to third party businesses or entities. The information we do collect is required for us to ship your products to you, and nothing is collected until you order.

What do we collect?

We collect only that which is necessary to complete the transaction.

— Name

We need your name in order to process payment and ship.

— Address

We need your physical address so we can ship your product to you.

— Email

We need your email so we can send you tracking info and keep you up to date on your order.

— Phone Number

As a last result we’ll call you with updates as necessary. Don’t worry, we hate talking on the phone.

— Payment Details

We, personally, never receive your payment details. You input the information and it goes straight through to our payment gateway through secure channels.

Browsing Anonymously/Cookies

Whenever you’re just browsing our website we collect zero information. We do use cookies, however, to help us keep track of traffic, sales, etc. We are assured by the analytics company we use that your information stays anonymous.

If you have any questions on our privacy policy, feel free to contact